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Wikipedia Needs Your Help!

I was researching a couple of days ago and noticed this notification bar on the top of the page. The bar was in yellow and it seemed to be an important message from Wikipedia.
It was important. Wikipedia is currently having financial issues in maintaining their service. All the information you research and find on Wikipedia is given to you for free. For this one time, Wikipedia is asking for support in donations as little as $3. Help Wikipedia stay online! Wikipedia has been a part of my research even on It’s Technologic for years. Wikipedia was built to help those in need for information on a specific topic or even just for fun. It became a community full of users posting articles to help one another learn what they did not know before. If everyone donated as little as $3, think of the long way it would go for Wikipedia if we all took part in helping it.

To donate please go to to find the notification bar at the top or search Wikipedia for something and find it there. Learn more info and donate!


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