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Love Blogging on the Go?! Try BlogGo!

Lately all you see in the app store are new games or ways to post more on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Some apps are really cool, others just aren’t necessary.

I’ve been off this blog for a little while now and it’s only because I have been trying to focus on my personal blog The Eternity Journal. While I was focused on the Blogger world instead of WordPress, I came across a really awesome app called BlogGo!

BlogGo’s concept is to allow anyone to blog from anywhere at any time. It’s why the app is called “BlogGo“. There are many neat things about the app as well. You’ll find a simple yet modern design, an easy to use blog post editor, easy blog integration, and plus, the app was made by fellow blogger whose personal blog is The Wonder Forest.

Being on Blogger opened me up to some great reads and awesome bloggers outside the world of technology and all the WordPress professionalism l am used to. Plus, after finding BlogGo, I’m even more connected with Blogger.

Some key features of the BlogGo app is it’s ability to post exactly how you would if you were on Blogger on your computer. It allows you to change image sizes to “Small, Medium, Original Size, or Large” just like how you would on Blogger itself. You can also edit, save, and publish right from the app. Plus, switch between compose and HTML mode.

Beyond that, enjoy the ability to approve and delete your blog’s comments. Now this is a feature that I have definitely been waiting for. The actual Blogger app does not allow this on the go and I always found it to be a hassle to log on to Blogger from my PC to actually approve a couple of comments.

Currently, this app has been rising up the ladder in terms of users and rankings and I am glad I got to throw in a review for it. This app is currently only available on the Apple Store a small one time fee and is definitely a huge recommendation from me! So check it out and leave your thoughts below!


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