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Technology VS. Society

Technology has given us many advantages, but has also caused many problems to individuals & society. Technology allows people to communicate with little effort. Cell phones, computers, tablets, and even eBook readers allow the “Everyday” person to connect with the people in their lives digitally. Although this is a huge advantage when it comes to connecting with people, it can also be a disadvantage. People start to rely more on technology as their way of communication and therefore loose touch with them in person. Technology does not necessarily ruin relationships, but it contributes to less-real-life conversations and more online communication. Beyond that, with all the different types of technology out these days, everyone is spending more money than usual. Our economy has not been doing well, but too many electronics are purchased everyday regardless. How could society be so obsessed with technology that even though money is hard to manage, buying the new iPhone is essential?

Personally, I love technology, it’s helpful, keeps me organized, allows me to manage my life. But, the cost of it does not seem really worth it if you think about it. Technology gets out dated fast, you can have the new iPhone 5 in December and tell yourself you would not spend a penny more a cell phone then all of a sudden the iPhone 5.2 comes out and there goes past year’s savings. My point is technology is great, but society is losing touch with what really matters. Society is less interactive offline these days and obsessed with wasting money they need on getting the latest gadget.


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