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Get Your Daily Newspapers Digitally with PressReader

PressReader AppeBooks, magazines and PDF Documents have been quite popular since the creation of eReaders and smart phone apps. What happened to those good old newspapers everyone loved to read? Introducing Press Reader, an app that brings your old fashioned newspaper to your modern smart phone.  Press Reader was created by Newspapers Direct in order to fulfill one’s need to stay in touch with technology while still being able to do something as simple as reading a newspaper.

This app has a simplistic design which gives you ease of navigation and a stunning view of any of your favorite daily newspapers! It’s a beautiful new transition from old fashioned newspapers to digital e-reading. Browse through their vast selection of newspapers, discover top stories around the world, and keep up to date with world news in a modern way. No more buying issues through newsstands. Simply download the app, select your subscription package and get your newspapers your way! Press Reader has a selection of over 2,300 newspapers. That includes publications from over 96 countries in 54 different languages.

Other great features include being able to pan and zoom through the images in the newspaper itself, share the most interesting news articles on Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail, listen to your publications in full clear audio (great for discovering news on the go), and you can even flip through your newspapers like you would in real life.

When I first downloaded Press Reader, I was surprised to see my local newspaper available for me to select. The newspaper was displayed as it should be and on the bottom, all the articles and contents were in one place. I was able to read the top headlines in a clean and sophisticated new layout. Every article from the newspaper was available for me to read in full mobile format from my iPhone. It was very impressive; no other news reader apps that I have tried gave me this advantage. Apps such as Flipboard and Flud News were able to combine news from all over the internet in one place, while Press Reader delivers real newspapers directly to your electronic device. Bringing you offline news in real-time. How cool is that?

You can download your favorite newspapers on your tablet, phone, and computer. This app is currently available for download on most operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Windows 7 Computers (Check Press Reader to see if you’re computer is compatible).  The app has various subscription packages to get the most out of your daily publications. You can Pay As You Go for only 99 cents or upgrade to a monthly subscription starting at $29.95.

This is definitely an app worth trying! Get on your smart phone, tablet, or computer, and download Press Reader! I highly recommend it! Definitely an It’s Technologic approved app! Check out all their publication features and go digital with your newspapers now!


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