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Hassle-Free Event Management with EventWith!

EventWithHave you heard about EventWith? The great new app that lets anyone organize and share an event with ease! Attending events can lead to some of the most exciting social experiences; however planning an event is a different type of story. Planning an event can be a very stressful, time consuming, and unmanageable undertaking that a person chooses to take. Have you ever had to plan a camping trip for you and your friends? Or what about that annual family picnic? These events can be complicated to plan and have so many details that are easy to miss. What if there was an application that helped you plan your group events actively with everyone involved? With the EventWith application all this is accomplished without any hassles at all!

EventWith is a brilliantly innovative new application created to enhance the participation and organization involved with group event planning. This app has created a solution unlike any other application on the market and addresses a current social trend of involving all event participants. This one-of-a kind application began when the EventWith founders personally encountered the undeniable mess that group event planning can turn into. A fun weekend getaway turned into endless back & forth emails and a game of phone tag between all of the families to make sure we were all on the same page. Rather than complain and relive this terrible experience in the future, they decided to create a solution.

EventWith is a clever app that increases guest engagement with group event planning by creating an environment that is transparent and reveals to the entire invitee group how much each guest is actually participating. With the options to create checklists, have people choose what they would like to bring, and allowing for online voting on date, time, and venue, this application has many available options to make the event a no fuss success. The EventWith goal is to empower the event host by encouraging guest active participation with planning the event. This app also causes everyone to feel involved and completely eliminates the back and forth phone calls and emails. Ultimately, EventWith raises event success for everyone involved.

As I tried out this new interesting app that is still in beta as of right now, I was amazed at how simple it was to create an event listing and get my friends involved. Immediately after signing up, I created my first event. I added some basic details like what it was, where, and when and then I invited some friends through Facebook, Twitter, or simply sent them an e-mail! After my invited guests check out the event page, comment, and see what they are contributing to the event, I am all set for a great turn out! The feature I love most about EventWith is that it allows you to have your attendees vote for a date/time that would work best and even vote on a place. It’s extremely helpful to get as many attendees as possible at the event! Definitely a recommended app to use for your next event!


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